5 Sources Even an Idiot Can Use to Consistently Find Ideas Or Topics For Articles

In this writing, I will finally disclose 5 sources or techniques that anyone can use to consistently generate ideas or topics for articles. It is no secret that article marketing is one of the easiest ways to get hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your web site. But you will not have many people visiting your web site until you literally have hundreds and hundreds of articles on the Internet. For this reason, one of the greatest challenges to article marketing is how to find countless topics to write about. These are five easy and simple to use sources to generate article topics:


1. 007 Technique – Your Competitors Newsletters

I call this the “007” Technique because it involves “spying” on your competitors https://kesihatanalternatif.com/. I have subscribed to the email newsletters of all my competitors. Many of the ideas that I find for article topics are simply ideas that I “borrowed” from my competitors newsletters.

2. Questions from Customer and Prospects

Another source that you can use to find ideas or topics for your articles are the emails that your customers and prospects have sent to you. The questions that you see most often are obviously the ones that your market is most concerned about.

3. Searching the “Most Viewed Articles” Categories in Article Directories

Searching the “Most Viewed Articles” categories in article directories is more than just a method to find subjects and themes for your articles. This is also a method of finding article titles that will generate the most web site traffic. If an article is getting a lot of views that suggests that the article has an attention grabbing title. By crafting a similar title, you can be almost certain that your article will also attract a lot of readers and result in traffic to your web site.

4. Chapters or Sections of Your Information products

Without having to create any content from scratch, you can take sections from your information products and turn them to articles. By using this method, you now have the opportunity to end with a call-to-action inciting the reader to visit your opt-in page or sales page in order to find more specific or detailed how-to information on the exact same topic or theme.

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