5 Steps to an Effective Text Message Marketing Campaign

Never before has the world seen a more powerful and timely form of marketing than mobile marketing. Think about it – people bring their cell phones everywhere. And not only do over 200 million people in the U.S. receive and send text messages but those very text messages have a 90 percent read rate, which is much higher than you may find with more traditional forms of communication open for marketing. And then, of course, there’s price. Text message marketing can actually save your business money on its marketing budget while increasing your reach, response rate and overall return.

But before you start texting your customers, you need to learn the 5 basic parts of a successful text marketing campaign.

1. Have one clear goal: Before you create your text message marketing campaign, you must have a clear goal in mind. Having a clear goal will not only help you determine what your success indicators are but will also give you an easier way to develop your text message.

2. Develop one simple message: Your text message is limited to 160 characters. That means you must stay on track and create a subtle but effective message that gives readers a clear call to action. To do this effectively, you must give your readers three things:

– A problem
– A solution
– A push

For example, let’s say that you wanted to get more people into your miniature golf business this Saturday. You might create a message like:

Bored? Come play a round, get the 2nd free!

Now you’ve introduced a problem: boredom; you’ve given a clear, easy solution: come play mini golf; and you’ve provided a push: buy one round, get the second free!

3. Stand out from the crowd: As you would with any other marketing option, you’ll be up against some stiff competition when you send your text messages, so it would be dangerous to sacrifice individuality for brevity. Instead, use the platform’s word count to help you get even more creative about the messages you send.

4. Capitalize on what makes you different: If every business was the same as its competitors, there’d be little reason to have more than one business in each industry. When you create your mobile marketing campaign, focus on the aspects that make you different and work them into your offers and messages.

5. Take advantage of the immediacy of the platform: One of the most powerful aspects 문자발송 is its immediacy, which can help you find opportunity in adversity. Use local and worldwide news and events to craft your sales and messages. For example, let’s look at a restaurant that offers delivery service within a 10-mile radius. When a surprise storm hits the area, and public transportation is limited, the restaurant can use this event to remind its local patrons that it offers delivery service. A sample message could read:

Don’t let a little snow keep you hungry. We deliver w/no charge if you order in the next 2 hours!

Not only can this offer your business a means for compensating for income you might otherwise lose in light of a local event, but it can also give you an excuse to make customers aware of a service you offer.

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