A Strategy to Ace the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)

One of the main components of preparing for a law school exam is what I call the collection phase. This is when you collect your notes, notes from days you missed, case briefs, and, of course, engage in the mad hunt for the golden outlines from years past. Then, you put everything together in a cohesive outline Security+ certification . Sadly, your law school exam grade is at least partially dependent on how well you can hunt and gather these resources.

Bar exam review for the Multistate Bar Exam could not be more different. Really. You should not waste precious time in the collection phase. There are only three types of resources that you need.One of the recurring themes of my bar review articles is that law school study is completely different than bar review. If you are having trouble on the bar exam, it may be that you are stuck using law school study tactics.

First, you need an outline for each subject. The outline is for reference only. No one passes the bar exam by reading over outlines. If you have your old law school outlines and perhaps Emanuels, that is probably all you need. Just make sure all the bar exam subjects are covered. If your outlines are not perfect, then you can use the internet to supplement. Pull up the relevant statute or section of a restatement and add it to your outline. These outlines are just there for reference. No need to spend too much time here.

Second, you need materials that will help you familiarize yourself with the material. You cannot jump into the hard questions until you have a comfortable working familiarity with the materials. The best study tools for this phase of study are flashcards, either your own or commercially prepared ones. I also recommend my book, MBE Crossword Bar Exam.

You can also just take your outline, read over a page, and close your eyes and ask yourself questions. Anything that pulls you into the material a bit. Just do not waste time passively reading over the outlines. Remember, at this phase, you are not trying to totally understand the material. This is the handshake, getting to know your materials phase. Don’t waste time making picture perfect flashcards or software programs.

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