A Tungsten Ring Is 100% Scratched Proof And Durable

Whenever we talk about wedding rings, First that will come up to our minds is either DIAMOND or GOLD, right? It has been a tradition on most places and to most families that for wedding DIAMOND and GOLD is the option. However, is it really worthy to spend huge money for that? Research have shown that GOLD has some issues, example it’s hardness gold tungsten rings . According to research, there are other metals which is better like TUNGSTEN. TUNGSTEN has been increasing its popularity because of the trend for TUNGSTEN RINGS.

Mens Tungsten Rings Gold and Silver 6mm

Many people prefer Gold because they believe that it has been a tradition that people should use Gold for wedding rings. No doubt that even in our family, from our great great grand parents till our generation, most of them purchased Gold wedding rings.

I have nothing much against using Gold wedding rings. The only thing I don’t like with Gold is first of all, it’s very expensive and for me so it is not the best option especially in this very unstable economy we have. Second is that it requires a lot of fix.

Since my childhood till my teenage years, I observed that my parents normally visit jewelry stores to have their wedding rings repaired. As far as we all know, Gold is somewhat soft. Also, it is not immune from having scratches, dents, and deformation. I still remember one time when my mothers’ ring fell of her hands and I accidentally stepped on to it. It was a traumatic incident not just for her but for me. I was scolded for so long since she valued her ring so much from the time of her wedding. Have you ever experienced that? Don’t you wish!

From that time on, I told myself that I will choose a much thicker and the most DURABLE metal for my wedding. To be honest, at that time, I have no idea about what kind of ring would that be. The truth is, I don’t know any other option aside from gold.

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