Advantages of Buying Auto Insurance Through an Agent Vs Buying Direct

Buying Insurance directly from a National Insurance company can be a risky decision. To best protect yourself you must first fully educate yourself and take the time to apply what you have learned about Personal Insurance to effectively protect you and your family. No matter how you choose to buy your insurance, you should always take the time to understand your coverage.

We Insurance agents are caught between offering the amount of coverage that you and your family should carry, and an out of town competitor’s price that could be tough to beat Safeco Agent login . It is a brutal battle, one that has changed the way insurance is viewed and sold in our country. You can’t watch TV now without seeing XYZ’s insurance play of the game, or hear the now familiar indie sarcasm of the trendy new so-and-so acting like it’s cool to buy their auto policy. They are shoving it into our eyes, ears, and if they get close enough, nose and mouth. Many of these companies are selling insurance because they want you and your money for profitable reasons. They represent themselves, not you, the person they are supposed to be protecting! Maybe I’m old fashioned at 30 years old, but I think it’s in your best interest to ask an Independent Insurance Agent to help guide you through our changing landscape.

A few years ago I worked for Safeco Insurance Company’s call center in Golden Colorado. By taking 40 plus calls a day I observed the differences between those who bought their policies on line, and those who bought through an agent. Those who bought their policy through a web-site without guidance from an agent invariably ran into more billing and coverage problems. While they may have paid less a month, when it came time to use their policy’s coverage many didn’t have the required coverage to replace what they lost, or fix what they damaged. One of the most commonly cut coverage options is the property damage portion of your liability. The state minimum in my state (now Kentucky) is $10,000, 10K tops to fix anything your car damages. If you run a light and total a brand new 2011 model vehicle, it’s going to cost a lot more than $10,000 to replace it, and you are responsible for the difference. If you don’t have the cash available to cover the rest, they can get it from your house and other assets.

It’s natural for people to take the “it won’t happen to me” approach when buying insurance, but it’s my job as an agent to consider the consequences of cutting coverage for a few dollars of premium and advise against making what could be a mistake. We have seen small mistakes make a big financial impact to people who have perfect driving records. Because we agents represent your view point and not the companies, you will benefit from our knowledge and experience, instead of the company profiting by taking your money and paying out less for your claims.

The difference in premium varies from person to person and company to company, so it’s always in your best interest to shop around. Independent agents have access to multiple companies, and will save you time and hopefully money when comparing rates. By working with your agent, you will save time and money while increasing your coverage and peace of mind.

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