Advice From A Male Pornstar Who Overcame Premature Ejaculation – The 3 Things You Need To Know

If you are like most men, you feel like you don’t last long enough in bed to satisfy your woman. For some guys it’s just an annoying problem, they just deal with it Shibuya Kaho . For others it’s a real problem that puts stress on their relationship. No matter which group you are in, these tips are for you.

As guys we are trained to masturbate very quickly. It stems from our childhood when we first learned how to masturbate. We wanted to get finished as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught. The worst thing for a kid is to get caught masturbating by his mom or his sister. We got really good at it, and could do it really quickly. That trained your body to climax quickly. Now that you are older, you want to reverse that and climax much more slowly.

To start to reverse that pattern, take your time masturbating. If you don’t currently masturbate, start doing it. Take your time and see how long you can go before you climax. I know that sounds weird, because it’s the opposite behavior you are familiar with. To last even longer when you masturbate, try an extra twist. When you feel you are about to climax, stop masturbating and wait until the feeling has tapered off. Then resume again. As you get more advanced, try the stop-start routine 2 or 3 times each session. That’s a great way to train your body to reverse the quick climax training it has.

This problem is all in your head. If you think you’ll climax early, then you will. It will cause you stress and you simply won’t perform. By practicing the tips above will put your mind at ease and give you more confidence in your performance ability. Concentrate on the performance increases you’ve made when you masturbate and it will give you much greater confidence when you are in bed.

This is simply an education problem. Most guys don’t know much about their bodies and how they react to sexual stimulation. There are physical and mental ejaculation triggers that cause you to ejaculate when you do. Learning some natural conditioning techniques can give you the ultimate edge to controlling when you climax. Learning about these triggers is easy, but most guys either aren’t aware that they exist or have no interest in learning about them.

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