An Introduction to Pendant Lighting

What are pendant lights? Pendant lighting, also known as drop down or suspended lighting, typically consists of a single light that hangs from a higher place, such as a ceiling or porch. It is often held by a chain or cord, giving it the resemblance of a pendant necklace. These fixtures are often used pendant necklace wholesale in groupings as well as in single formations, depending on the environment. A single pendant light is usually hangs from a high porch above the door or over a table. However, they tend to be positioned in groups along kitchen bars or in hallways in a straight, line formation. Pendant lights can be found in a huge variety of materials, sizes, and shapes, making them extremely popular for home lighting. The right pendant fixture can really create a unique quality to any space.

Pendant lights can be found in many different quality levels. Some pendant lights are actual works of art, worth thousands of dollars, while others, found in the local hardware stores etc, are purely functional and have little esthetic appeal. Because of this there is also a large range in quality and type of light emitted from pendant fixtures. The most basic types of pendant fixtures are dome shaped and cone shaped. Those that are dome shaped may be shallow to spread a large amount of light, or they may be narrow in order to produce a more direct beam. Dome pendants can be crafted from metal, painted glass, blown glass, and many more materials capable of holding a dome shape. Pendant lighting that is cone shaped is usually a more directional lighting source, allowing very little light to escape the area outside of the cone opening. The most common cone fixtures are manufactured out of pewter, stainless finishes, and colored glass. Though these fixtures cannot be expected to light up a room with a single unit, they can make wonderful ambience by placing several in a room together.

There are many other shapes of pendant fixtures, such as triangular, rectangular, round, and square, and though these are lesser used, they allow for so much artistic freedom in the creation of pendant lights. Top lighting designers experiment with a large spectrum of shapes to create unique and interesting light fixtures. Some pendant lights are even designed from completely abstract shapes and designs. Pendant lighting design is an art form that combines the use of light with an artist’s concept of shape and color, and the results can be masterful. This kind of work is no less credible than an original oil painting over the mantle, and it will definitely alter the atmosphere of a room.

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