Artists – Three Free Tools For a Successful Blog

Whether you’re an artist or an internet marketer, the first thing to do before even starting a blog is choosing the keywords your blog will be based on. You should do this before buying a domain name, before setting up your blog, and before writing your first post.

The reason is simple – people don’t “browse” the web the way they do in a bookstore. After your blog becomes somewhat popular you may end up on sites like, which does allow people to find sites they never could have found on their own . However, in the beginning you get traffic because people are searching for specific keywords in the search engine.

It really helps if you have a domain name that includes a high-traffic keyword, (instead of because it makes it easier for the search engines to know what type of artwork your blog is about. Your post titles should include keywords that people are really looking for.

If you aren’t already famous, they are probably not looking for your name – but they may be looking for “painting of a teapot” or whatever it is you create.

There are ways to find out how many times people search for specific words, how easy the words are to rank for in the search engines, and whether or not the people searching for those words are in the mood to buy something. The good news is that all the tools you need are free, and if you want lots of traffic, you should use them before you start your blog and before you write each post.

Article marketing is one of the key elements of search engine marketing (SEM). In fact, many SEM and SEO experts feel that article promotion without spamming can produce the desired result for websites. The best article marketing tips suggest several ways of marketing your articles and these options will not cost you a dime!

Of late, blogging has become one of the most popular modes of reaching out to a larger audience. But did you know that blogging is also considered to be one of the important elements of article promotion? Yes! More and more advertising professionals and search engine experts are recommending their client to start blogging and this is also considered as one of the most important article marketing tips. It is fairly easy to start and you can always open a blog on Google Blogs (eBlogger) or take a WordPress account.

You can start by writing blog posts related to your business, industry, product or service that you are offering, and general news. You can even upload images on your blog posts to support the content. The one thing that you need to lay special emphasis on is the content. The content for your blog should be fresh, informative, and interactive. If your audience is unable to find the information they are looking for then they will not come back to your blog post again.

Are you considering starting a blog, but wondering how and where to begin? The following is blogging made easy in 5 steps. Use it as a checklist, but don’t expect to make money from it. There’s a very small percentage of bloggers who actually earn a living from blogging. For most bloggers, blogging is a great way to share information and news with friends and family members, grow an audience interested in what they have to say or just have fun expressing their thoughts and feelings. Posts can be updated regularly, graphically enhanced and deleted when done with, which makes it a great medium to play with. Here’s how to get started:

1. Select a subject: There are thousands of subjects being blogged about on a daily basis. Select one you are interested in or one that relates to your work, and you’ll be more likely to update it on a regular basis. Better still, research the market and come up with a topic that’s lacking. Fill this need and you’ll have visitors flocking to your site.

2. Come up with a catchy title: Your title should be a reflection of what your blog is about and easy to remember and type up.

3. Select a blogging platform. A lot of websites come with their own inbuilt blogging platforms which are easy to use. Word press is the most popular amongst them. If you are going to use an independent platform, consider browsing sites like and

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