Become a Vet Tech

The first thing you’ll have to think about is whether or not becoming a vet tech is right for you. The occupation can be very rewarding and fulfilling, because you are improving the quality of life for animals on a daily basis. It’s very easy to see the positive effect you’re having, so you’ll never be in doubt. On the other hand, if you become a vet tech you should prepare yourself for a lot of heartbreak and stressful times as well. Animals can’t always be saved, and they aren’t always friendly. You may also have to deal with difficult situations like distressed pet owners, severely injured animals, and euthanasia. But overall, most vet techs report that overall they are very happy with the nature of the the job.

So if you become a vet tech, what will you do? That answer depends on the type of environment you’re working in. However, there are a lot of basic duties you can expect to be responsible for: things like analyzing lab tests, patient restrain, vaccinations, and surgical assistance are some of the most common. As your career develops you may have bigger and more varied responsibilities.

Most people who want to become techs wonder how much money they can expect to make. The bottom line is that if you’re looking to get rich, you should not become a tech! The median salary for techs in 2008 was under $30,000, and most techs find there is not much room for advancement, even with experience. This is one of the biggest obstacles that steer people away from this career choice pii_email_8953fcff2f2c1d49fbad . Of course, there are ways to make more money as a tech, such as specializing in a certain discipline, moving to a larger city, gaining experience, or working in higher-paying settings like research laboratories.

So how exactly does one become a vet tech? Most techs are board-certified and have obtained a 2-year (or sometimes 4 year) Associate’s degree. This career is also one of the few that you can earn your degree online for. Keep in mind that most online degree programs require a lot of clinical practice, and therefore you will need a vet who is willing to let you work hands on at their practice in order to complete portions of your coursework.

There is plenty left to play for with Frank Beamer’s team and you can bet that the Hokies will have some fight left in them. The ACC conference has not looked too good so far in 2010 and thus VT can still make a run at an ACC championship and an Orange Bowl.

Obviously the premier out-of-conference game for the Hokies in 2010 was the one they played versus Boise, but there are 2 left and both should still be good match-ups. Virginia Tech vs ECU tickets and in Lane stadium will still be completely sold out as the Pirates have an on-going rivalry with VT and will give them a good game. In fact, ECU beat VT in 2008 in their opener on a blocked punt.

Virginia Tech also plays Central Michigan later in October, and you can expect VT vs Central Michigan tickets to be equally sold out. Central Michigan is one of the so called ‘directional’ schools from the MAC, but usually has a talented first string and will not just fold over for the Hokies, especially given the offensive and defensive line problems Virginia Tech has right now.

However it’s the ACC portion of the schedule that has the real interesting games and some real battles as well. There’s plenty to choose from, but it won’t start easy as the Hokies have to travel to Boston College to take on the Eagles, a team the generally gives the Hokies fits. Va Tech will probably be favored, but it will be a game they’ll have to survive, not just win.

The next week is not any easier as they then take on the NC State Wolfpack at Raleigh. So that is two weeks in a row on the road against good ACC opponents. NC State is an experienced team lead by a good QB, and the last time the two played there, it was a very tight game. NC State will also be looking for revenge from last year’s defeat.

But on November 4th (a Thursday night), is truly when the toughest stretch of the Hokies schedule begins that will make or break their year. The next 4 games will decide the fate of the Coastal Division of the ACC. It starts that night with a huge match-up with the team that has become the Hokies second biggest rival, Georgia Tech. The winner of this game has won the coastal division several years in a row. Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech tickets will likely be the toughest ones to get all year.

That game is followed by monster games at North Carolina (UNC) and at Miami, 2 of the ACC strongest teams. Of course North Carolina has a ton of uncertainty right now given their player suspensions, but it likely will be settled down by then. Playing Miami on the road is always a battle, and they again have a seasoned senior quarterback, and will be looking for revenge after getting throttled in Blacksburg last year.

The Hokies close the year out with a game at home against UVa. Virginia has been down for several years, but look much improved this year. It’s also likely things won’t be settled in the ACC until this final week, and both teams will have something to play for.

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