Blogs and the World Series of Poker

Among the poker playing community there are certain events which are highly respected and talked about, perhaps the most famous of them all is called the World Series of Poker also referred to as the WSP or WSOP. There are several ways used to qualify people who will enter this poker event, players of Full Tilt Poker have a chance of winning free seats through their events, all other players and specters have to earn their seats at this event.

The WSP is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada; this event lasts approximately one month and the prices given away are jaw-dropping. A bracelet usually given to the winner of each of the multiple events which include all the major varieties of poker which include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, etc. Due to the popularity of the game the series culminates with the $10,000 no-limit (NL) Texas hold’em “Main Event”, the victor usually ends up winning a multi-million dollar price. Since the last game goes up to such high numbers many poker enthusiasts are drawn to such event.

When it comes to the online world and poker rooms, many report the events which happen at the WSOP, in past decade the event was not heavily covered by the online community due to the fact that blogs became popular fairly recently. Those who love the game can keep themselves updated of the events and qualifiers that happen at the WSOP.

The coverage this event gets is quite amazing however those who are unable to receive channels which broadcast the even can follow the news through poker blogs. Poker blogs report on a great variety of rooms which have some sort of promotion related to the WSOP, Full Tilt is one of them. Using such room those who qualify for main event seats are automatically entered at the $10 million main event mania; those who win at least one main event package become king of the series and receive the best treatment in Las Vegas where the WSOP happens.

As you see the WSP is heavily promoted not only off-line but on the web as well, the best way to keep yourself updated with the latest news in online poker is to subscribe to a niche blog and follow the posts with an RSS reader because this year World Series of poker is expected to be absolutely nerve-wracking.

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