Eyelid Surgery: Consider the Basic Facts

If one or both of your eyelids droop, you may be a good candidate for eyelid surgery. This procedure, which is often called a blepharoplasty, aims to lift the lid so that you no longer have droopy eyes. Consider what typically occurs during the treatment before you decide whether to take this path to an improved appearance, as well as vision that is not obstructed.

The goal of this treatment is to shorten the muscle that controls the movement of the eyelids, which is called the levator muscle. Shortening this area ensures that your eyelids will stay lifted as high as they should be so that they do not droop over your eyes anymore. This is often important because this condition cannot only result in a sleepy appearance, but also often hinders vision contour rx lids by design . For this reason, insurance often covers eyelid surgery, as it is usually medically necessary. Be sure to double check with your provider, sending them the proper evidence that you need this procedure, before you schedule an appointment.

During this treatment, the surgeon will make an incision along the natural eye crease, after administering anesthetic drops to the area, of course. He or she will then shorten the levator muscle the proper amount. Shortening it too much will result in eyelids that sit too high, while not shortening it enough will require another procedure. Therefore, it is important to find an experienced doctor for this treatment to avoid revision surgery.

You should expect some swelling for a couple of days afterward, but you will likely be given drops to relieve this issue, as well as to get rid of any discomfort. Additionally, you will probably be prescribed antibiotic ointment or drops to avoid infection, which is one of the main complications of this procedure. Another possible risk is the inability to close your eyes all the way, or even complete loss of movement. Of course, these risks are rare and should not typically occur with an experienced surgeon.

As your age increases, your eyelids start sagging or drooping naturally. However, some people are born with sagging eyelids whereas some develop diseases which cause drooping eyelids. Loss of skin elasticity is the most primary cause of drooping eyelids and this happens as the skin tissues can no longer hold the increasing weight of excess fatty tissues.

Some of the many causes of sagging eyelids are thyroid dysfunction, toxins, insufficient sleep, smoking and fatigue. So, to improve your appearance you can try an instant eye lift. Eyelid lift is even needed by those people who have excessive eyelid drooping and this then interferes with their vision.

This can be done through surgery or through products which help in reducing sagging, fine lines and dark circles under the eye. Surgery is a very costly affair and there can be a few complications that occur after surgery. The skin of the lower and upper eyelid can be either tightened too much or can be tightened not quite enough resulting into loose skin which will remain after surgery. Some risks involved with surgery are blurred vision, difficulty in closing your eyes while sleeping, slow healing or/and temporary swelling of the eyelids, scarring or uneven healing. If the patient is diabetic or has dry eyes or is a heart patient then the surgery becomes all the more risky. Patients who suffer from Thyroid problems are too at a high risk.

The Eye Secrets is a highly innovative product to prevent eyelid drooping and creates the effect of an eyelid lift without surgery. The upper eyelid strips can be easily worn and removed, without catching anybody’s attention. The result is immediate, almost dramatic, and people will start wondering how come you look so youthful in spite of your age.

Yes, the Eye Secrets indeed provides a useful solution for those who badly needs an eyelid lift without surgery. Many doubting Thomas’s would surely raise eye brows to hear this. But believe me, this product allows people with sagging, hooded, or drooping eyelids to instantly achieve an eye lift without bothering about an upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) which not so long ago was the only option.

The product is designed to restore the eye’s natural curve by holding up the drooping skin above the eyelids. The transparent strips contains an adhesive gel that helps them to get attached to the eyelids without being noticed and you can use them for 10-12 hours at a stretch without any discomfort. Each box of this beauty product contains an adequate number of transparent strips (1 month supply) and can be used daily,or for special occasions like weekend parties or family get together.

Drooping eyelids are a common problem with aging men and women, and many of them opt for cosmetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty to rectify this problem. Until the arrival of Eye Secrets products, eyelid surgery was the only option to treat drooping eyelids. But one has to remember that though eyelid surgery provides results, it involves high expenses, long recovery times, and potential health hazards if things go wrong.True, medical doctors will always make a case for eyelid surgery if you seek an expert advise. But if you go through the newspapers and TV regularly you will come across horror stories of people undergoing tremendous hardships because their dream surgery to look more beautiful and youthful has gone horribly wrong. Instead, this brand new non-surgical product offers a truly affordable eyelid lift without surgery and needless to say, there are no risks involved in this.

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