GoDaddy Domain Transfer Discounts Save You Both Time and Money

GoDaddy is the leading name in domain transfer because of a host of advantages that people seeking domain transfer are assured of. To begin with, there is no time wasting as the step by step process is really rapid courtesy of the company’s Rapid Transfer System. This system enables you to make a transfer in as few as five days with the guarantee of a full refund should the transfer fail for one reason or another.

GoDaddy domain transfer prices are the lowest you can expect in the industry yet the services that the company offers are unequalled. With GoDaddy, the savings you make with the additional services amounts to a tidy amount of money you would otherwise have spent. For example, with every transfer, you get a free Go Daddy Photo Album f95zone . This enables you to transfer your photos while a portion of the website carries your ads for all ad-supported websites. Of course pop-up ads, which are considered obtrusive, are not allowed.

With every domain transfer, GoDaddy also gives you a Blogcast. The full list of GoDaddy tools are at your disposal and since they are completely user-friendly, you can create your own blog and start communicating with friends, family and clients in next to no time godaddy email . Moreover, you also have access to GoDaddy’s web site builder. Regardless of how tech challenged you might be, you have professionally designed templates at your disposal and you will develop your website quickly.

Nothing gives business credibility than a personalized email address. In fact one of the signs some people look for to determine whether a contact is real or not is the email address. When your email address is from one of the many free providers, your credibility suffers. When you use GoDaddy for your domain transfer, you get a personalized email address. This not only boosts your image but gives those you interact with a memorable and secure means of communicating with you. For individuals, this account comes with storage space of 1 GB while small groups (under GoDaddy’s Deluxe plan) get 2 GB storage. If your account serves a large organization, you get up to ten addresses and unlimited storage space.

Talk about website hosting reviews, I roam around webpage, consulted several customers and came up with information that may help you or any other interested website builders decide if this hosting company is a perfect fit or not. is one of the world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting provider, servicing over 45 million domain names to date. Aside from hosting, it also sells e-business related software and services.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

GoDaddy offers a huge variety of hosting features and services. In this website hosting review, I only considered their one-year packages. The basic shared hosting plan they call Economy comes with 100GB of storage, a single domain and 100 emails at a decent price of $3.99 monthly. This plan is ideal for those who do not need a lot of disc-space. On the other hand, the Deluxe plan provides unlimited disc-space, unlimited domain and 500 email addresses with a few more bucks on each month.

A dedicated SSL certificate for secured online payments is included in GoDaddy’s Ultimate plan, together with unlimited disc-space, unlimited domain and unlimited email addresses all at less than $8 per month. This is best for those carrying a large business and who have huge and heavier website files. All three plans I’ve mentioned support unlimited bandwidth and a vast number of FTP and MySQL databases. Each hosting solution offers a superb value, the smart decision is to grab which one suits the size and needs of your business or situation.

This article will teach you how to transfer a Google registered domain to GoDaddy. I found it extremely frustrating that there are no decent instructions out there about how to transfer a domain you registered with Google (most likely when you signed up for a Blogger account) over to another Registrar. This process takes a few steps and will more than likely take you a couple days to finish, but stay with me and we’ll get through it together.

The first thing you will need to do is have an account at a registrar where you want your Google domain to be transferred to. I’ve been using forever, and I’ve never had any issues with them, so if I can highly recommend them for your domain registering needs. Normally it only costs $7.00 to transfer a domain name, and you get an additional year of registration for free.

Now that you have your account set up there, log in and go to the top “Domains” dropdown tab and select “Transfer Domains to GoDaddy”. Type the domain name you wish to transfer from Google in the box and select “Go”. If the domain name is available for transfer, click “Proceed to Checkout”. Continue through the checkout process and pay for the transfer. You will receive several emails from GD, one of which will contain transfer codes for your domain, so don’t trash these!

In the next step, you have to get into it with the nice folks over at Google. When you buy a domain name through the big “G”, your domain name is actually being hosted by or (Yeah, go figure), but for some reason it’s extremely difficult to get access to your own domain name.

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