Great Sex Talking – Being ‘Oral’ to Make Love to Her Mind and Give Her All Night Mental Orgasms

Having great sex is a lot different than having good sex. While it is possible to just learn a couple of sex moves and have good sex, great sex requires a lot more: great sex requires you to make love to her mind as well as her body. This is an element that guys commonly forget in the rustle and bustle of sex. So what can we learn (from great seducers?) about making mental as well as physical love?

Mental Side of Mind-Blowing Sex

The first thing that all men need to work on is crafting sexual fantasies in her head quite early in the relationship literotica. Just hinting about what kind of things she can expect when having sex with you will make her a lot more keen when those things potentially happen later in the relationship.

Early on in the sexual interaction I like to give her some fantasies just to see if she responds favorably. Tell her how sexy she looks in her work clothes for example and set an image of her dressed up and you as the boss! Similarly, during dates, slip in sexual references to possible fantasies that you want to do with her later, any outfits that you find sexual and anything else that turns you on. The key here is to not be ashamed of imagining her acting sexually. Another important thing is to keep the vibe light-hearted, so that she can tell you indirectly if there is anything that she doesn’t respond to.

During sex your words are even more important. The ability to talk in sexual way is vital during intercourse as it allows the two of you to communicate fantasies freely. It is also one of the key steps towards progressing your relationship into any sexual fantasies that the two of you may have. The key is to craft a fantasy that she can get into, but also gently pushes her limits. This is the key to living the sex life you have always wanted, by always making her act in a more and more sexual way around you.

This is the time to describe to her in lurid detail stories about things that you would like to do with her, craft sexy fantasies that she will want to try, describe intimately what she is doing or having done to her and speak in a more sexual way than your date and make things even hotter in the bed.

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