Guidelines For Opening an Account With the Betting Exchange

There are numerous guidelines that one should follow for opening an account with the betting exchange. One such guideline aims at equipping the betting exchange with your sound identification details that include your present age, current address, identity proof, all relevant details in context to funds ownership and much more. Once you provide them with all the necessary details, they simply go ahead and open your account in the betting exchange.

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The next step entails at choosing a password that keeps your account fully secure. Usually, what is recommended is to choose a password that comprises of eight letters and must include a numeral. Try to assign such a password that can be easily etched in your mind and can’t be easily presumed by others. After the registration of your account on the betting exchange, you don’t need to deposit any funds but however if you are highly interested in placing bets then you are required to credit your account instantaneously

There may be certain instances when you will forget either the username or password of your account. In that case, you are liable to answer a series of few questions. If all the answers are authentic ones, which matches precisely with the earlier specified details, then you can easily create a new password of your choice. Alternatively, in case of you forgetting your username, then feel free to speak to Helpdesk for sound assistance in reminding you of your username

At times, betting exchange may require you to answer the security question, which you may have set while opening an account with the exchange. This is basically done to make certain that all your identification details are secure and nobody is allowed to access your account. If however, you are interested in reviewing that whether your account is active or not, you can simply get the details from the ‘My Account’ section. In fact, once you open an account with the betting exchange, your account remains active for a time frame of three-months. The ‘My Account’ section lets you know about the matched as well as un-matched bets, your betting history, profit/loss statements as well as the account history.

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