Launching Your Nonprofit Blog – Three Easy Steps

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), dedicated to advancing and protecting women’s legal rights, launched This highly- focused blog focuses on the ongoing battles over judicial nominations, including John Roberts’ bid for the Supreme Court vacancy.

With its prominent history of involvement in key judicial confirmation debates of the past, NWLC was ideally positioned to lead the informal debate on current nominations . So NWLC leadership decided to capitalize on this unique role with a blog designed to shed light on the complexities of the nominationagenda (now even more so, with the death of Chief Justice Rehnquist and the subsequent nomination of Roberts to fill that role) and generate support for judges who support women’s rights.

Ranit Schmelzer, NWLC vice president for communications, says that for years the organization has relied on traditional press outreach tools (press releases and conferences, and teleconferences). But driven by the importance of the current judicial debates, Schmelzer and her colleagues landed on a blog as the most effective ways to “get substance out in small bytes.”

“We thought it was high time we wrote something that wasn’t footnoted,” says Marcia D. Greenberger, NWLC co-president and newly empowered blogger. “We are continuing to produce well-researched reports, but you won’t read them here. That’s what our website is for. Here you’ll find the latest on breaking news, vital facts, key findings and some behind-the-scenes information.”

NWLC had a lot of work to do before was launched, and developing an editorial policy was first on the list. Take a look at the blog and you’ll see the succinct but in-depth entries written by NWLC’s blogging team. Frequency of entries depends on what is happening in the news, says Schmelzer. At the height of the Roberts’ nomination coverage there were three entries daily while at other times entries are posted three times weekly. Frequency, and the decision to vary it based on the news, is central to the blog’s editorial policy.

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