Maca Extract – The Effective Libido Enhancer

Maca is a kind of plant that belongs to the mustard family but has an appearance similar to raddish. It is abundantly grown in Peru, particularly in the Andes mountains where they thrive in the cold temperature and safe from pest infestation, and some parts of Latin America

Maca contains significant amounts of branched chain and essential amino acids from which most of its protein content is obtained, some glutamic and aspartic acid, sterols and important fatty acids.

Maca, Peru’s natural answer to Viagra, is used to enhance sexual performance and to treat women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause. An experiment conducted by a biologist from the University of San Marcos in Lima, where he used the maca root to feed male and female laboratory animals showed that the female rats who received maca supplementation showed a faster maturation in egg follicles

The result of the experiment on male rats that were given the maca extract produced a high amount of sperm cells and exhibited a remarkable improvement in the sperm cells’ speed of penetration, resulting to a higher incidence of impregnation Maca. The substance present in the maca root that exerts action on the hypothalamus is responsible for giving the maca plant it sexual enhancing characteristics.

An article in the 2000 issue of the Journal of Urology published the result of an experiment conducted where laboratory animals were given oral supplementation of maca extract. The result showed an increase in the number of sperm cells among the female rats while the male rats demonstrated an improvement in their erection function.

In another article published in the 2001 Journal of Andrology, an experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of maca extract supplementation to the production of cells among adult rats. The laboratory animals were given a dose of the maca extract two times daily within a two-week period and the result showed an increase in the size of the testes. The conclusion was that indeed, maca extract supplementation promotes a generous production of sperms among the male laboratory animals.

An article published online in 2009 in the First International Journal of Andrology, an experiment was conducted among human subjects. The study was conducted to determine the effects of maca extract on white males suffering from erectile dysfunction. The subjects were given maca extract for 12 weeks and the result showed a dramatic improvement when compared before oral administration of maca extract was commenced.

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