Shake It Up Games for Girls

A wave of online game sites catering to young female players has taken the gaming universe by storm. Most of the flash based games are centered on activities that girls typically enjoy. It’s widely agreed that young girls enjoy playing dress up, pretending to cook, playing house, and pretending to be a mommy. When it comes to games for boys, they usually focus on action and adventure. Many girls today also enjoy these types of games and have found that girl games sites are beginning to shake it up and add exciting, adventurous games specifically made for girls.

A favorite type of game is one where the player can use their F95ZONE keyboard to manipulate their character to dance along with a catchy tune. You can find these dancing games with characters that are from popular kid’s shows and classic children’s movies. A pretty high level of skill, hand-eye coordination, and familiarity with the keyboard are needed in playing this type of game. Music lovers can shake it up and step along to their favorite tunes. For the younger or novice player, there are beginner friendly dance games that involve the simple use of the arrow direction keys to get the character to dance and score. You can even try your fingers at several different types of dancing like hip hop, ballet, and even the tango!

A few fast paced, adventure games to shake it up are about space, aliens, and science fiction. One example is about the beloved character known as Duck Dodgers. Join him and his trusty sidekick as they traverse the universe and complete their missions. Read the instructions before you begin playing so that you will know which keys stand for different moves, like jumping and dodging. You will have to avoid falling obstacles and laser beams. Stay away from the electric beams as they will electrocute your character. You can move between the floors in the space station through the transport terminals. This game requires a moderate level of skill and patience. It may take a couple of practice runs but you get plenty of chances and lives. After you’ve successfully completed level one you will be able to go on to four more levels of fun and non-stop action.

Other action games seriously test your reaction times. One of these is about turbocharged penguins. The object of the game is to keep your penguin in the air as long as possible to stay in the game. You must continue to click on the penguin as it ascends and descends to keep it flying in an upwards direction. As the penguin falls in different directions make sure your hand is firmly gripping your mouse and ready to move around quickly. Keep trying and you may even get the chance to have your score recorded on a special scoreboard.

Racing games have long been a favorite of boy and girls, young and old alike. Several popular racing games can be categorized as “rush” games in which the racer has a limited amount of time to reach the finish line. Some of these games give you the options to play racing a motorcycle, skateboard, four-wheeler, or monster truck. One of these “rush” games was especially designed with girls in mind. The scenario is the owner of a beauty salon that has just been ransacked. As the player you must carefully drive a cool pink monster truck through snow, up and down hills, and over steep cliffs, to collect the missing cosmetics. Be careful, the sharp slopes can flip your monster truck right over and you’ll only get a limited amount of lives. No doubt, racing games reallyshake it up and get your adrenaline pumping.

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