Shokz Guide Review – Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide

The Shokz Guide – Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide is undoubtedly the top of the line SC2 strategy guide available today. There is a reason this strategy guide is named the Ultimate Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide – and that’s because it’s the most complete and informative guide on the web, and definitely has the biggest number of videos. If you try the Shokz guide, I have no doubt you will be a successful player immediately. The author, John Greenhoe, has been perfecting his game since early beta and dominates the Diamond League.

It’s completely comprehensive and covers everything from the Starcraft 2 Single Player missions with Brutal difficulty to the smartest advice for all races on the server. The Shokz Guide includes detailed videos and maps of every mission, including the secret mission, and teaches you Myenvoyair login how to get all the achievements.

The multiplayer section of the guide teaches you about builds, micro and macro, spying, and virtually every aspect of the game. It will give everyone who has it a tremendous advantage versus any opponent. It also comes with excellent information and videos on each type of multiplayer game, from 1v1 on up. Until this guide came out, I was never able to defeat Terrans as a Protoss. Until checking out the secrets of this SC2 guide, I was under the impression that a smart Terran player could usually defeat Protoss or Zerg races, but now I know better;).

The member’s forum is particularly amazing. The writer of the guide – John Greenhoe, has even added a forum section where players can pick future additions to the guide. Shokz Guide members also get access to tons of member videos and replays that are broken down to show you the most useful tactics in every circumstance.

The upcoming expansion packs will also be included in the Shokz Guide as soon as they are released, for no extra charge. As of right now, the Shokz guide is updated all the time with new advice and specific forum member requests, so I’m sure that the expansion pack additions will be included too. Shokz Guide provide a sixty day money back guarantee if you are not fully happy.

If you simply want to beat the single player campaign on brutal level with every achievement or are an experienced player looking to climb the ranks in the Diamond league, this guide will help and is well worth it.

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