Streamline Communication With Online Project Management

Projects of all shape and sizes need someone to keep them on track and organized. This is where a project manager comes in. Thankfully with the advent of technology and communication you can manage multiple projects all from the comfort of your home PMP certification . While being a project manager isn’t a work at home gig at the same time it doesn’t require 100% physical presence to make sure everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be, and who needs it.

With communication technology rapidly evolving by the hour it’s far easier to network and manage affairs without having to be physically present. While it’s not a good idea to have an entirely hands off approach to online project management you can stay on top of emerging issues without having to be directly engaged with them. Email, cell phones, web apps, file share, etc.

all require minimal usage to achieve maximum effectiveness. For example, while inspecting a potential venue for a specific project you can email back and forth with a colleague regarding financial issues on a separate project. While I wouldn’t recommend managing multiple projects at a time, with the advancements in technology should you choose to you can do so far easily.

As mentioned above there are many great web apps to help keep any project on track and under budget. Whether it’s a small team project or a large, several months’ long affair theses apps can help track milestones, spending, personnel, etc. to give you a brief glance of the current statues of a project. This is especially helpful for more complex projects that might have personnel spread out from each other. Some of these apps let each person check in, update their segment of the project and keep everyone else informed of what is going on.

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