The Best Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are now a dying breed thanks to their harmful impact on the environment. More and more shops now charge for you to use one of theirs, and even if they don’t, many people are realising just how damaging it can be to take your shopping home in one. Thankfully, there are much more eco friendly alternatives to plastic bags, and these can be just as cheap and even stylish too.

Eco bags or ‘bags for life’ are now offered by many supermarket chains and are one of the leading alternatives to plastic bags. These tend to be made of plastic themselves in some cases, but are much stronger and last a great deal longer than their thin polyethylene counterparts thehiltonian . However, many eco bags are now made of other materials, including polypropylene bags, which have a woven kind of effect to them. If you want to use one of these types of bags then make sure that it is made of thick material; is well stitched and it has piping or cardboard in and around the base. These bags are only better for the environment if they last long enough to offset the number of traditional bags you use, as if you end up throwing away a broken polypropylene bag then it will take just as long to disintegrate, making it no better. By following the above guidelines you should truly have an eco friendly bag. Just remember to take it with you when you go to the supermarket.

Cotton bags can be used to take with you to the shops, and tend to be one of the best alternatives to plastic bags because of the space saving nature of them. Cotton is an extremely lightweight material, so although strong, it is thin and will fold up well. This means that you can take it with you in your handbag or pocket, to pull out when the need for a carrier bag arises. Cotton bags are made from natural cotton and so biodegradable in the long run, making them environmentally friendly even if they do break. Many high street retailers will offer stylish printed cotton bags, with various designs and logos on, meaning that you can also use them and make a fashion statement at the same time if you wish.

The best alternative though, if you are looking for a heavy duty shopping bag, has got to be canvas bags. These have the same qualities as cotton bags in terms of being eco-friendly, but are the strongest of the alternatives to plastic bags and can carry larger weight-loads. They are not as practical to take around in some cases, but are the kind of bag you could take to a supermarket with you without the fear of breaking. Jute bags do this too, but are even more bulky so perhaps not the best option unless you are prepared to carry them to the shops too.

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