Trekking Equipment Needed When Trekking Abroad and More

Trekking Equipment Needed When Trekking Abroad and More

Most people think you need a whole load of equipment for a trek. If you’re trekking close to home, most people bring the bear minimum as you are in walking distance from home and, lets face it, most people do not want to carry more stuff than is needed. Trekking abroad is a different question, as you are not in arms reach of all your equipment. So what should you bring with you whilst trekking abroad?

The most important thing is to decide is exactly what you are going to be doing on your trek. Where you are going, the exact temperatures and terrain will effect what you need to bring Best Trekking Shoes In India . Try and find out the exact altitude and conditions you will be trekking in. It is easy to hire certain equipment whilst abroad, so do not worry if you do not have everything. If you are just trekking over the hills and at low altitudes you will rarely need more than just a good pair of shoes and a water container. All additional equipment will just weigh you down and cause more problems than they will solve. You can get plenty of tools and comfort from the nature around you.

If you are trekking to high altitudes you will need to buy some specialist clothes as you will sweat and do not want the sweat to turn into ice when it gets cold, especially at night. You will also want to take lightweight options as your energy levels will massively reduce at a high altitude. Getting hold of this equipment is not easy in many countries, near impossible. So any specialist trekking equipment will need to be brought prior to going abroad. In addition you will need to take some energy bars and supplements with you.

If you are camping you will obviously need a tent, a sleeping bag and other bear essentials, and possible a gas stove to make sure you can get some hot food. Many people make the biggest mistake of taking 1 of everything. Camping gear from clothes lines to bath plugs. The best idea is to split what you need as a group among the group, so you can carry extra food or travel light. Do not get sucked in by all the gadgets you can buy at these shops. Most are not worth it and just a money spinner for the companies.

If you have a limited budget make sure you buy an specialist equipment needed as you will not be able to get this when trekking abroad. You will always be able to find more blankets, eating devices and food wherever you go, so do not waste money on extra clothing and home comforts.

You will often find the guides who will guide you whilst trekking, will have not even half the equipment you have and cope twice as well. Remember the most important thing is your feet. If you do not look after your feet you will not be able to continue with the trek. Get good socks and shoes and spend the money on other things. I always recommend a good camera as looking back at some great pictures is priceless. There are so many amazing places to go trekking abroad it is unlikely you will re-visit the same places twice.

Trekking is one of the most adventurous activities to enjoy among adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Trekking trails are very popular in the lofty and majestic mountains of Nepal. If you are also an adventure lover and like to enjoy mountaineering, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, etc, you can undertake a journey to the mountainous regions of Nepal. Following are some useful information that will make let you trek easily, safely and enjoyably.

Pack bag properly and prepare for trekking in Nepal. Carry only required things. Some people have unhappy trip because of heavy backpack. They unnecessarily unwanted things in the bag which make the journey troublesome and tiring. The weight of the bag should be distributed evenly over the shoulder. Otherwise, that will cause fatigue and back pains. Adjust the straps of bag properly according to your comfort. You should also use a hip belt to balance the weight and distribute some weight around waist also.

Do not buy new pair of shoes and embark on the trek. New pair of shoes is hard and you may not feel comfortable. They can also cut your feet, your legs will be injured and you cannot walk comfortably. So, if you are buying new footwear for trekking, buy them at two weeks in advance. Use them regularly and let them adjust.

Carry a magnetic compass and a map along with you on the trekking trails. They are of great help when you lost directions or get in wilderness.

Do not forget to carry first kit. You will not get medical store on the high altitude. You must include scissor, bandage, pain killer, antiseptic lotion, analgesics, etc in the kit. You must also carry relevant medicine if you have asthma or other health problems related with high altitude.

Always carry raincoat with you. Clouds can melt at any time in the mountainous regions. So, you must carry a raincoat. Carry a waterproof sleeping bag and plastic tent to take sound sleeping in the route for fresh experience on further journey.

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