What is a written essay? Concept and examples

In this short article, I will discuss in detail what essay is written? What are the concepts and examples of these with details in this article? The essay is a literary genre widely used today as a way for the essay writer to express his thoughts on a freeway about a topic.

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The functions of a written essay

The written essay has the following three functions:

Argue: An argument is the basis of any essay and is the way in which the author transmits his ideas in an orderly manner. There are arguments in favor that support the idea that you want to make the reader understand. For example, an essay that talks about the importance of reducing global warming should use arguments in favor of avoiding said phenomenon and also using arguments against human practices that continue to produce global warming.

Show: Show means to prove. With the arguments, the essayist has the power to prove whether or not his statements are true.

Persuade: Persuade means to convince the reader of the ideas presented in the essay.

Parts of a written essay

A written essay contains the fundamental parts of any text

Introduction: In the initial part the author presents the main theme and develops his first ideas.

Development: Here the essayist presents the ideas to the reader in detail. If, for example, your essay has global warming as its theme, in the development you will present the reasons or arguments for the importance of becoming aware of this threat to the environment.

In the development, it can also be organized as follows: arguments in favor of the main thesis, and refute the possible arguments against.

Conclusion: In the final part the author is free to emphasize his position or most important idea about the essay.

Continuing with the previous topic, if you are talking about global warming, in the conclusion you could write about the importance of governments taking concrete actions to prevent further damage to the planet.

Characteristics of a written essay

The characteristics of a written essay are:

Personal writing: It is always personal because it reflects the author’s own thought about a topic. While there may be quotes or excerpts from other sources in the essay, be it books, websites, or some other source, the most important thing will still be what the author thinks about the material they are collecting.

Argued writing. This part is what differentiates the written essay from an opinion. An opinion is not necessarily founded on solid and demonstrable arguments. The essay tries to have your ideas clear, ordered and to demonstrate a theory that you consider being true.

Your own voice. That an essay has its own voice means that a unique style of its author should always be noticed when transmitting his ideas. To have your own voice, a lot of reading and practice is necessary and each essayist must discover it for himself.

Not formal. The essay is a literary genre that is characterized by offering the essayist the possibility of writing their thoughts on a subject in a very freeway. It is not bound by a formal writing structure. That is to say, when speaking of formal structure, the difference is understood especially with other types of academic texts, such as, for example, a monograph, which must meet a series of formal requirements.

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