Wholesale Moringa – A Cost Effective Way to Purchase a Valued Natural Oil

Moringa oil is a valued oil in the cosmetic industry as its stable properties improve and enhance the product they are made into. This oil can be used for perfumes, deodorants, massage oils, hair and skin care products and as a natural cleanser. Historically, moringa oil and leaves have been used by the Egyptians.

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Those who are involved in the manufacture and sale of natural based cosmetics, it would be a good idea to make sure that moringa oil is part of the inventory 辣木籽油暗瘡. However, buying bulk moringa would be the way to go. It would ensure that there is enough supply and it would also mean discounted prices. The oil is essential for cosmetics as it has a very long shelf life. For those who create creams or perfumes with the moringa oil, their products are guaranteed not to go rancid for at least five years on the shelf.

For those who are health conscious or have a restaurant, burying moringa leaf wholesale would also benefit them as well. Moringa leaves are great for cooking and for salad. They are packed with a lot of nutrients and anti-oxidants and they have a great nutty taste. Eat them raw or cooked, it is still beneficial for the body.

For those who are not interested in the manufacture of cosmetics yet still want to sell them on retail, there are wholesale moringa products available which should give a lot of discounts. Simply go online and search for wholesale moringa and there will be a lot of results to choose from. There are also on sale now bulk moringa powder which could be sold in capsule form. They are great natural supplements for pregnant and lactating women, for those with diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis.

No matter what the moringa oil is used with, it can only enhance the product. On its own, the oil is light and can spread easily on the skin. It can act as a skin cleanser and could help maintain the elasticity of the skin because of the anti-oxidants that it contains. For skin which have minor traumas on them caused by cuts, bruises, rashes and bites, it could also help heal the skin by cleansing it thoroughly without drying the surface out.

Zija International is a multi-level marketing company that distributes the Zija health drink, a vitamin-packed formula made from the juice of the”miracle” plant Moringa. For hundreds of years, many Eastern nations have grown and used the moringa tree as a nutritional food source and herbal medication.

The Moringa tree grows in widespread areas in countries like India and the Philippines, and is widely available even to the poorest of the poor. For generations past, residents of these places have vouched that the moringa plant is indeed a significant source of many vitamins and minerals Moringa is normally eaten as a vegetable dish, usually in soup form. It has been proven to increase breast milk production among nursing mothers and has given significant life-saving value to sick and malnourished children in the poorer countries. Likewise, the leaves of the moringa tree act as a very effective antiseptic that heals wounds fast.

Zija International founder, David Andrews, together with his team of highly acclaimed marketing and management professionals, laboured endlessly to come up with a creation that would bring to the West what biochemists claim to be the most nutrient-rich plant in the world. In partnership with a well-known beverage formulator by the name of Russ Bianchi, Andrews and his team unveiled the Zija moringa drink in the Western market in the year 2006.

Also known as the vitamin in a can, Zija moringa drink instantly drew wide popularity among its initial customers. Attuned perfectly to the Zija slogan “Drink Life In”, Zija consumers sold the moringa drink through word-of-mouth testimonials, with a significant number of them joining the Zija multi-level marketing network.

One will not find the Zija moringa beverage in store counters and supermarket shelves. They may only be availed from Zija multi-level distributors in your area. Zija management wanted to make the moringa drink available to the public at the most affordable price so it is only offered via direct sales through its distributors.

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