Why Are Flash Games So Popular?

If you are here reading this, you have probably fallen victim to an extremely addictive game in the past. You know what I mean. Those ones that keep you in front of your computer for hours at a time trying to beat your previous score that seems next to impossible.

From my experience, flash games range from easy to extremely F95zone difficult depending on what genre you are interested in playing. That being said, there are some you can find that are literally impossible. By all means I do not condone sitting in front of your computer for days trying to beat a silly little game. But you do have to admit, there are times in life where you just need to relax and participate in an activity that truly relieves stress; I am sure the information in this article can help you with that.

The biggest reason that flash games have become so popular is simply: They are free. You can pull up a search engine anytime you want and search “free games” and you will be given thousands of websites that provide you with as much time wasting content to play as much as you like. I remember one little gem in particular that got me hooked on flash games. It was called Warzone Tower Defense. I literally got so mad that I had to keep playing so I could beat the different levels. But here is the catch, you can’t beat it! I searched all over the internet for a walk-through and I found one! There was no stopping me then!

Recently, there has been a surge in Facebook games that can actually cost you a little money. Usually, there are limits on how much you can play before you have to take a break because you have run out of “energy” or “coins”. They usually will give you an option to buy more of these items so that you can keep your addiction flowing. I do agree that playing these games is a lot of fun, but I would never suggest paying any money into them because really – What is the Point?

Comparing flash to console type games that are provided by Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo is not fair. I am an avid Xbox user and I believe that when it comes to an ultimate gaming experience, you get what you pay for. With Xbox, you pay a lot! Flash provides the user with an easy to use, free and fast path to entertainment.

So, why do developers keep making them if they are not making any money? Hold on a second, they make LOTS of money. Developers usually ask different website owners for a little cash before they let them post their game. Sometimes, developers will put an advertisement at the beginning so that they make a little extra cash every time it’s played. If I had the patience, this would be a career I would strongly consider. Too bad I have no patience.

If websites pay for these games, how do they let people play for free? The simple answer to that question is – Advertisements. You will often find that when you visit a free flash games website, there will be numerous advertisements littered through the page. These ads are usually targeted to the content on the website so they just look like games! I personally like the ads because they inform me of other games on other sites that I might not have played.

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